Diamond Packaging Industries L.L.C. - Cartons & Boxes

Cartons & Boxes:

Diamond Packaging consists of a brand new manufacturing setup designed to deliver large quantities of high quality products in a timely manner. We produce variety of Corrugated Die Cut Boxes, Trays and Cartons with upto four colour flexo printing. The list belows shows just a part of the variety of boxes that we can manufacture for you at Diamond Packaging.

Types of Boxes:

Die Cut Boxes:
Are highly customizable and can be manufactured in a variety of designs the following are some of the more common types:
  • Pizza Box

    Pizza Boxes:

    Pizza Boxes of all sizes are available with brown or white colour as well as printing options available from one colour to full colour.

  • Die Cut Fruit Tray

    Die Cut Trays:

    Fruits, Vegetables, Desserts... etc. Die Cut Trays printed with your design are an excellent option for packaging your products in an attractive and easy to use and assemble manner.

  • Self Lock Bin Box

    Bin Boxes:

    A die cut box used for storage on shelfs, bin boxes help increase shelf storage space significantly and very useful for small item storage.

  • Open Diecut Box
    Printed Die Cut Box

    Snap bottom boxes:

    Instead of having flaps the bottom of the box just snaps into place for quick assembly a variety of top options are available as per your requirements.

Slotted Cartons:
Are available in 3Ply/5Ply/7Ply options, the following are the most common types we manufacture:
  • Regular Carton

    RSC- Regular Slotted Carton:

    The most basic and common carton available with four flaps on the top and bottom sides which can be folded inwards to form the top and bottom layer. This style of carton is appropriate for the majority of packing needs.

  • Full Overflap Carton

    Full Overflap Slotted Carton:

    Similar to an RSC carton but with full length flaps on top and bottom this allows the flaps to overlap hence forming a double layer and providing extra protection from the top and bottom ends.

  • Half Slotted Carton

    Half Slotted Carton:

    A carton with only one set of flaps forming an open ended box

  • Two Piece top and Bottom Carton

    Full Telescopic Carton (Top and Bottom Box):

    It is a two piece box with a separate lid (top) which fits over a tray (bottom) almost completely covering it.