Diamond Packaging Industries L.L.C. - Paper Bags

Paper Bags:

Diamond Packaging is proud to state that All Paper Bags produced for the Food Industry are made using certified Food Grade Paper. Our Product line includes Kraft, White Kraft and Grease Proof Paper Bags all of which are available in a variety of standard market sizes (Size Zero to Size 7) and can also be produced as per your size and printing requirements.

Types of Paper Bags:

  • Regular Carton

    Printed Paper Bags:

    Your Everyday Paper bag with high quality printing of upto 4 colours. Print your logos, designs and address on our paper bags to give them a premium look and increase your product visibility.

  • Full Overflap Carton

    Plain Paper Bags:

    Brown or White, Food Grade Paper bags in standard sizes are usually available in stock and if you require your own special size, we can always manufacture that too.

  • Pizza Box

    Paper Sleeves:

    Paper Sleeves are specialized paper bags used for packing of lids for the can industry and can be used for packaging of large quantities of small circular objects. We have multiple sizes available with options for printing (one colour) on the sleeves as well.